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Ana-Maria Onisei © Petrică Tănase

© Petrică Tănase

With an experience of over five years as a journalist, I use my passion and what I have learned (documentation, interview technique, reporting, creative writing, copy writing and typing) to create relevant content in various areas: journalism, communication and promotion (PR).

In communication:

  • I like looking at a challenge from a double point of view and transferring my journalistic experience into a connection between the two worlds, both in national and international media, for results of tangible visibility.

As a journalist:

  • I cut slices of reality from the lives of people like us who have become famous (public figures) or from those of common people with extraordinary destinies because I believe other people’s stories have the power of bringing us closer to ourselves and enabling our personal development.

I have worked for Adevărul, Suplimentul de cultură and Mediafax and I have written for Dilema Veche and Tabu. I have an ongoing collaboration with Adevărul and the Esquire magazine.

At present, after 4 years of experience in commnication at the  OMA Vision company, I work as a freelancer. I’m currently a communication consultant for the George Enescu International Festival and the George Enescu International Competition  and I also am involved in communicating other social and cultural projects, on matters such as strategies of communication, content marketing, PR services.

I have contributed to communicating the launching of the first series of concerts given by André Rieu in Bucharest, “Children without labels” – a campaign for Save the Children Romania, the seventh Peace Congress of Mediators Beyond Borders organised for the first time in Bucharest, the first recital of the pianist Valentina Lisitsa in Romania, the InnerSound New Art International Festival etc.

I have exprience in communicating international projects and working with international teams.

For three months, in 2012, I was an ICR London scholarship recipients, being directly involved in promoting Romanian events at the Cultural Olympiad in London, which was organised at the same time as the Olympic Games. As a journalist, I reported for the newspaper Cotidianul from the Beijing Olympic Games (2008).

Recently, I have begun participating in communication events as a speaker. In May 2015 I spoke at the PR BETA conference, in the cultural panel, about ways of creating good content.

I care a lot about the interviews with international figures that I have had the joy of making: Amos Oz, Rudy Giuliani, Pascal Bruckner, Helene Grimaud, Irvine Welsh, Jonathan Coe and many others.

And I truly believe the society can be changed through access to cultural values.

You can contact me ana.onisei@gmail.com

I could not live without three things: emotion, sincerity and intimacy.

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